Elegant Light Blue Coat



Blue is the new Pink!
The lovely rounded neck and the pleats on the front and back makes this lovely coat very stylish and elegant.
The fur trim with short hair is a sweet detail but not included. You can find the fur trim also on the website.
The coat is handmade in Spain by the designer who maks the coats for European Prince and Princesses!
100% WOOL and truly lovely.

Care for the coat:
These can be washed on a gentle cycle in you washing machine. We recommend washing with other items (so it’s not alone,prevents buttons from hitting against the sides and causing any damage/getting caught).
You may also wash by hand, or dry clean!
Lay flat to dry so as not to distort the shoulders.

*fits not small, true to size!


2 Years, 3 Years, 4 Years, 5 Years


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