About Us

For Princes & Princesses

Our Story

Chéri Cherry is a boutique store created by a mother for mothers and their most valuable princes and princesses.

Located in the metropole of Amsterdam where brands from all over the world can be found just around the corner, we aspire to recreate this experience for you in the comfort of your own home while adding a personal spin to it.


What makes our store unique is that we make a hand-picked selection of high-quality brands and only feature the finest products that they offer. Our aim is to make you happy while you pamper your children, knowing that their outfits are just as special as they are.


We stand for quality and believe that individuality makes one happy. Chéri Cherry combines both of these elements to support the small ones on their journey to do big things.


Come and join us on our journey through Chéri Cherry’s magical world!